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TitleFuzzy Soft Trees
Vol.40(2) (2016) page: 151-170
Author(s): M. Akram and F. Zafar  

Fuzzy sets and soft sets are two different methods for representing uncertainty and vagueness. In this article, we apply these methods in combination to study uncertainty and vagueness in graphs. We introduce the notions of fuzzy soft cycles, fuzzy soft bridge, fuzzy soft cutnode, fuzzy soft trees, and investigate some of their fundamental properties. We also study some types of arcs in fuzzy soft graphs.

Keywords: Fuzzy soft cycles; Fuzzy soft bridge; Fuzzy soft cutnode; Fuzzy soft trees.
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TitleTransversally Harmonic Morphisms Between Foliated Riemannian Manifolds
Vol.40(2) (2016) page: 171-182
Author(s): Y.-J. Chiang and R. Wolak  

Transversally harmonic morphisms of foliated Riemannian manifolds are different from harmonic morphisms of Riemannian manifolds. If f is a harmonic morphism of foliated Riemannian manifolds, then f is a transversally harmonic morphism, but not vice versa. We prove that if f: (M1, F1)→ (M2, F2) is a transversally harmonic morphism of foliated Riemannian manifolds with codim F2 ≤ codim  F1, then it satisfies a certain property. We also show that if f:(M1, F1)→ (M2, F2) is a transversally harmonic morphism, then it is a transversally open map.

Keywords: Foliation; Transversally harmonic morphism; Transversally harmonic map.
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TitleIsomorphism Theorems of ??-Hv-Semirings Based on Regular Relations
Vol.40(2) (2016) page: 183-197
Author(s): H. Hedayati and B. Davvaz  

In this paper, we introduce the notion of Γ-Hv-semiring as a generalization of Hv-semirings. Also, some properties of hyperideals, quotient of Γ-Hv-semirings based on regular relations and generated hyperideals are discussed. Finally, by regular relations, isomorphism theorems on Γ-Hv-semirings and their products are proved.

Keywords: Hyperoperation; ??-Hv-semiring; Hyperideal; Regular relation.
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TitleA Subclass of Starlike Functions Associated With a Rational Function
Vol.40(2) (2016) page: 199-212
Author(s): S. Kumar and V. Ravichandran  

Let S*R denote the class of normalized analytic functions f defined in the unit disk \mathbbD satisfying the subordination


\prec1+ z



    (z ∈ \mathbbD; k=√2+1).

In this paper, the structural formula, coefficient estimates, growth, covering and rotation theorems for functions in the class S*R are determined. In addition, we compute the S*R-radius for functions belonging to several interesting classes.


Keywords: Starlike functions; Rational functions; Coefficient bounds; Growth estimate; Hardy space; Radius problems; Lemniscate of Bernoulli.
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TitleOn Nearly Pairwise Paracompact Spaces
Vol.40(2) (2016) page: 213-223
Author(s): A. Mukharjee, A.R. Choudhury and M.K. Bose  

The object of this article is to introduce the notions weaker than pairwise paracompactness, and to obtain some of their properties.


Keywords: Nearly pairwise paracompact; Almost pairwise paracompact; Parallel nbd; (w)\mathscrU-locally finite; (\mathscrPi,\mathscrPj)clop.
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Titled-ideals in Almost Distributive Lattices
Vol.40(2) (2016) page: 225-236
Author(s): N. Rafi, R.K. Bandaru and G.C. Rao  

The concept of derivations on an almost distributive lattice (ADL) is introduced and also the concepts of d−ideals and injective ideals are introduced in an ADL with respect to derivations. d−ideals are characterized in terms of principal ideals. Further, derived an equivalent condition for a d−ideal to become an injective ideal.


Keywords: Almost distributive lattice; Derivation; Kernel; d−ideal; Injective ideal; d−prime ideal.
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TitleSome Refinements of Eneström-Kakeya Theorem
Vol.40(2) (2016) page: 237-249
Author(s): N.A. Rather, S. Gulzar and S.H. Ahangar  

In this paper we obtain some refinements of a well-known result of Eneström-Kakeya concerning the bounds for the moduli of the zeros of polynomials with complex coefficients which improve upon some results due to Aziz and Mohammad, Govil and Rahman and others.


Keywords: Polynomials; Zeros; Eneström-Kakeya theorem.
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Title??-Filters of Distributive Lattices
Vol.40(2) (2016) page: 251-264
Author(s): M. Sambasiva Rao and A. Badawy  

The concepts of co-annihilator filters and μ-filters are introduced in lattices and μ-filters are characterized in terms of co-annihilators. A set of equivalent conditions is derived for every filter to become a co-annihilator filter. Some topological properties of the space of all prime μ-filters are derived. A necessary and sufficient condition is derived for the space of all prime μ-filters to be a Hausdorff space.


Keywords: Co-annihilator filter; ??-filter; Minimal prime filter; Compact set; Hausdorff space.
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TitleA New Extension of Bessel Matrix Functions
Vol.40(2) (2016) page: 265-288
Author(s): A. Shehata  

The main aim of this paper is to define a new family of special matrix functions, say, p-Hypergeometric, p-Bessel, p-modified Bessel and p-Tricomi matrix functions, where p is a positive integer. The convergence properties of the p-Hypergeometric matrix function are established and the matrix differential equation is constructed. The differential properties, integral representations, integrals and various particular cases on the p-Bessel matrix function have been obtained. The p-modified Bessel matrix functions, and some properties of this function are investigated. Finally, the p-Tricomi matrix function and several results of the function are defined and studied.

Keywords: p-Hypergeometric matrix function; p-Bessel; p-modified Bessel and p-Tricomi matrix functions; A Jordan block; Differential properties; Integral representations.
Size:189KB   download
TitleSpecial Jacobson Radicals for Near-Rings
Vol.40(2) (2016) page: 289-298
Author(s): R. Srinivasa Rao, C. Krishnaveni and K.J.L. Narayana  

For a right near-ring R, right R-groups of type-dν are introduced, which is a class of distributively generated right R-groups, ν ∈ {0, 1, 2}. Using them the right Jacobson radicals of type-dν, Jrdν, are introduced for near-rings which generalize the Jacobson radical of rings. It is proved that Jrdν is a special radical in the class of all near-rings.

Keywords: Distributively generated right R-groups; Right Jacobson radicals of type-d??; Special Jacobson radicals of near-rings.
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TitleStability of Homomorphisms on Some non-Archimedean Lie Banach Algebras
Vol.40(2) (2016) page: 299-306
Author(s): B. Yousefi and F. Ranjbar  

In this paper we prove the Hyers-Ulam stability of n-ary Lie homomorphisms on n-ary non-Archimedean Lie Banach algebras associated to a generalized functional equation.

Keywords: n-ary homomorphism; Hyers-Ulam Stability; n-ary Banach-algebra; Functional equation; Lie product.
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TitleContents for Vol. 40(2)
Vol.40(2) (2016) page:
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