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Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics Instruction for Authors

 Authors are encouraged to submit their PDF papers to the website of our journal:

 All papers will be refereed. If necessary, the author(s) would be asked to revise the manuscript according to the referee's report. The Editorial Board reserves the right to make reasonable modifications in wording.

 Papers should be written in an elegant and clear style. Prospective authors not proficient in the language are urged to seek proper assistance in this matter before submitting papers.

 IMPORTANT: To facilitate communication between authors, editors and the publisher, papers must be submitted with full address, and telefax numbers and/or e-mail address(es) of the corresponding author.

 Authors are strongly advised to submit electronically prepared manuscripts (Latex and PDF). Authors may wish to use SEAMS's Latex macros to prepare their manuscripts.

 Manuscripts should be accompanied by (1) an abstract not exceeding 300 characters, (2) 3-5 keywords, (3) 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification, and (4) an abbreviated title not exceeding 40 characters for running head. In case of a joint paper, please point out the name and address of the author of contact.

 Authors are requested to choose mathematical symbols as simply as possible, and place superscripts and subscripts accurately so that they will not be misunderstood. Distinction should be made between easily confused characters.

 Illustrations and diagrams should be submitted on separate sheets and not included in the text. They should be of good quality and drawn in India ink using clean uniform lines. Computer-drawn figures are acceptable. Lines and curves must be smooth. Letter 2mm high are recommended.

 Illustrations and diagrams may be reduced where necessary. Indicators such as “Definition”,“Theorem”,“Lemma”,“Corollary”, “Proposition”, etc. are normally in boldface followed by the formulation in italics, the end of which should be clearly indicated. The words “Proof”,“Remark”,“Example”,“Note”, etc. are in italics with the formulation in ordinary roman (upright) typeface.

 Formulae should be typewritten whenever possible. Special markings should be explained in “Note to the printer”. Copies produced by matrix printers are not printed in italics and number in roman unless markedotherwise. Please indicate CLEARLY the position of exponents and indices. Also, certain symbols can be mistaken for other characters and therefore, the intended expression or meaning should be made clear.

 Footnotes, other than those referring to the title of the paper, should be avoided. If absolutely necessary, they should be numbered consecutively and placed at the foot of the page on which they occur.

 The list of references at the end of the paper should always be in alphabetical order, numbered consecutively and include the names and initials of all authors, or editors, year of publication, and name and location of the publisher (see examples below). Names of journals and book series should be abbreviated in accordance with Zentralblatt für Mathematik. Whenever possible, please replace all references to papers accepted for publication, preprints or technical reports by the exact name of the journal, as well as the volume, first and last page numbers and year, if the article has already been published or accepted for publication.

 Citations in the text should be by numbers in square brackets, for example [1], or Hua and Wang [1], referring to an alphabetically ordered and numbered list. If a work with more than three authors or editors are cited, need be given, for example, Wu. et al [1].

 In the list of references, the following examples should be observed:

Journal article:

1. W. So, Quaternionic Left Eigenvalue Problem, Southeast Asian Bull.Math. 29 (2005) 555- 565.

Complete Book:

2. W.T. Wu, Mathematics Mechanization,Science Press, Beijing, 2000.

   Single contribution in a book:

3. J. Sjötrand,Microlocal analysis for the periodic magnetic Schrödinger equations and related questions, Microlocal Analysis and Applications, Montecatini Terme 1989, Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol. 1495, Bony, J.M. et al., eds., Springer-Verlag, pp. 237-332, 1991.

 Reprints can be downloaded from the Website: (All published papers will be uploaded in the website within one month after publication)



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